Jul 19th, 2019

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Nae Rasps

Most years I get a generous amount of wild raspberries from both our garden and out towards Inveronnich. This year someone has beaten me to the punch – the grass is trampled down and all the best rasps have gone. After spending half an hour and only ending up with a handful I gave up. […]

Jul 16th, 2019

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Cutting my own hair

It has been a source of contstant frustration for me that after one brief period of having a local hairdresser in the village, we have had to go to Helensburgh to get our hair cut. This takes the best part of a day by the time you drive down and back, and it is even […]

Jul 14th, 2019

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Sea Plane Trip

We went on the sea plane trip from Loch Lomond over the lochs and isles of the west coast today. This was a birthday present for my mother and had been postponed from April because the weather was awful then. This was the wee plane which takes off from the Cameron House Hotel. The weather […]

Jul 12th, 2019

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The ideal man and woman

I’m sure I am pretty old fashioned and doubtless my mum is too (although she is probably entitled to be as she is getting on a bit now). I’m not mentioning anything intimate in these descriptions but this is what I thought should be done by a man and a woman respectively. Man Appearance – […]

Jul 7th, 2019

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Fussy Eaters

I was talking to my Mum and Dad yesterday about what people will and won’t eat. Myself, I will eat anything apart from liver, kidneys and tripe. I’m not that fond of milk chocolate but I would eat it at a pinch. As against that – R claims he is not a fussy eater, but […]

Jul 4th, 2019

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Unblocking the stream

We’ve a large pond in the garden. It is fed by a small stream and I am constantly worried that it will stop running – I’ve no idea of where it draws from or what we do if it stopped. Yesterday I noticed that the flow had stopped, and I had to manually top the […]

Jul 3rd, 2019

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Carlisle Airport finally reopening

I see Carlisle airport is finally reopening. I have stories about it going back to 1980s when my father was Customs Officer in charge there. Probably very illegally I learned to ride a motorbike on the runway there. We didn’t think that there were any flights coming in (even in its heyday it was hardly […]

Jul 2nd, 2019

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Still going strong

I must say that Tora has not looked for Schrodi once since he died. He is also now a much happier and more confident cat. Yesterday he caught three rodents, one mouse, one short tailed vole, and one unidentified creature which had been largely eaten. The picture is of him having jumped into a cupboard […]