Bird Life

The birdlife we have in our garden is a constant source of interest and amusement. We recently took part in the RSPB birdwatch and our total tally for the hour was – 6 blue tits, 8 great tits, 6 coal tits, 2 robins, 2 blackbirds, 4 sparrows, 2 jays, 1 spotted woodpecker, 1 heron and 25 chaffinches. I have to admit I couldn’t count the chaffinches properly so I had to take a guess – even so when I submitted the results, the survey asked me whether I had seen that many. We put out well over 1Kg of nuts for the birds every day, plus any leftovers such as stale bread. Sometimes the badgers and pine martens steal it at night though!


The jays are particularly entertaining; I had never seen them before we moved here – but they are about the same size and shape as a magpie, but with beautiful exotic plumage.


We also have a heron which stalks the pool looking for frogs (lots in the spring) and a buzzard which is constantly harassed by crows.

Now in late spring we can hear the drumming of woodpeckers challenging each other from the forest and the regular calls of a cuckoo. Migrants such as goldfinches and siskins are also now putting in an appearance.