Sep 1st, 2018

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In which R finds out what he doesn’t like best

I bought some spicy dried peas for myself at the weekend. As I didn’t eat them immediately, R purloined them and took them off to his office. I was in the kitchen and heard a loud strangled noise, which was vaguely reminiscent of the noise Tigger made in the story when he was trying to […]

Aug 31st, 2018

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Goodbye to Summer

According to R, 31st August is the last day of summer. I’m not too convinced of this as around here we have plenty of days in October which are nicer than July. But anyway, as it was a nice(ish) day today, I went for a swim, probably the last of the year in “Golum’s Pool”. […]

Aug 28th, 2018

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More Bounty..

But stuff I don’t dare to touch this time. There are mushrooms everywhere now, but unfortunately I’m no expert on distinguishing the tasty from the indifferent and the fatal! I’m also told this is not something you want to “read up on and give it a go” – you really need an expert to go […]

Aug 24th, 2018

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Nature’s Bounty

The apples have all ripened. They could be a bit bigger but they are now being attacked by a large pack of Jays so I need to get them in. I’m leaving a few of the little red desert apples on the tree for J at the weekend. I have gone into jam production with […]

Aug 17th, 2018

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Some great wildlife of late

Over the last couple of days we have had some great sightings. Firstly, since the arrival of the fox, the badgers have been arriving earlier and earlier in an attempt to get the nuts first. This means they are here in the daylight, and the other day the female (I think) turned up with a […]

Aug 12th, 2018

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Saw these beauties on an oak tree in my garden today. I’ve not seen a lot of caterpillars around here – though there must be some as there are loads of butterflies. The only ones I have seen in the past are on the way up to the waterfall near Beinn Bheula, where there are […]

Aug 8th, 2018

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Cool Walk

R and J and I went for a long walk along the Dalriada Heritage Trail near Lochgilphead. This starts at Carnasserie Castle, goes though Kilmartin, past a load of Neolithic cairns, crypts and stone circles, crosses a nature reserve and then Dunadd, the ancient hill fort which was the capital of Dalriada where the first […]

Aug 6th, 2018

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Badgers and Foxes and Sheep (oh my!)

Last night a new fox joined the badger feeding on the nuts. It is interesting as seen in the video that whilst the fox is very skitty and obviously ready to make a break for it – the badger is completely unconcerned and ignores his new companion. I feel very sorry for foxes around here […]

Aug 3rd, 2018

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J’s Cake

I made J a birthday cake. It is small but perfectly formed as he is always complaining I feed him up too much and he is getting fat. On a somewhat related note, R and I are on a diet at the moment – so I deliberately made a coffee and walnut as J likes […]

Aug 1st, 2018

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Untidy Bed

Apparently 58% of people in UK regularly do not make their bed in the morning. I almost always do – but yesterday I put clean sheets on the bed and also washed my dressing gown. I put the newly laundered garment on the bed while I looked for my clothes, and turned round to see […]