May 28th, 2017

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I made lunch for some friends from London today.  I’d prepared a (relatively) healthy crème fraiche based crowdie for desert – then right at the last minute I thought it looked a bit underwhelming and decided to make a cake I’d been wanting to have a go at for a while – a Sachertorte. I’d […]

May 27th, 2017

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Cheese Box

My brother N is not fond of sweet things (well – he isn’t now although until he was in his 20s his idea of a good breakfast was half a packet of chocolate digestives or 2 twirls) so when I went down to Mum and Dad’s for his birthday, I made him a rather unusual […]

May 25th, 2017

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A Tale of Two Evenings

Hard to believe what a change there has been in the weather since yesterday.  Last night about 8pm I took this picture at the top of the Tam A’Cheulig walk.   The cloud was thick and solid around 250m and I couldn’t even see the top of the Steeple, let alone Cnoc Coinnich. And then […]

May 23rd, 2017

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Demolishing the shed

I’ve been deconstructing an old shed in our garden preparatory to having a new one constructed this week (not by us I hasten to add – we are getting the manufacturer in to do it this time). This was a pretty hard and dirty job, but it was nice to see that I got plenty […]

May 21st, 2017

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Marten in the morning

On Saturday I got up very early (5:45) to be able to go for a walk before we went to Glasgow for the day.  I’ll be honest here and admit that trying to get the “Perfect Week” cheevo on my new iPhone might have been part of this. Glancing out of the window while making […]

May 15th, 2017

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Simple but good…

This made a very tasty lunch which was ready from scratch in an hour. I made some home made rolls using my super-fast microwave method – and we had them with some baked peppers.   Normally I do a fancy stuffing, but on this occasion I just cut each pepper in half and took the seeds […]

May 13th, 2017

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Apple Blossom

I’ve never seen anything like the blossom on our fruit trees this year.  The apple tree in the picture is particularly splendid – in previous years it has never done much. So hoping for a good harvest and many apple pies.  The smaller tree beside it is a pear, and it has also been loaded […]

May 12th, 2017

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Wasps and Ducks

The ducks seem to be becoming semi-permanent residents on our pond.  The female keeps looking around the area in a vaguely broody way as though she is thinking about making a nest.  I would have thought it was a bit late in the year – in any case I would rather she didn’t as I […]

May 9th, 2017

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My friend J just got back from a holiday in Peru with my brother N.  Over a week after they got back I received a very crumpled postcard from J.  I managed to restore most of the crinkles out of it and am preserving it on this website because J is not a great written […]

May 9th, 2017

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Coos, crows and swifts

I was a bit concerned about Billy the bull and his little family, as we heard loud (very loud) mooing the other morning – and subsequent to that they were gone out of their usual field.  All is well, however, as they have just been moved up the hill a bit and are now enjoying […]