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Nov 26th, 2014

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Christmas is coming

Christmas seems to have crept up on us a bit this year – probably because work has been so busy. I’ve now managed to get most of my presents, though as usual I am struggling with getting something for R. He denies he is a difficult person to buy for – but the trouble with […]

Nov 24th, 2014

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Nice Walk around the Donich Circular this morning

R and I get up early and always try to get a walk in before we start work. Today we went round the Donich Circular to look at the waterfalls – it is a great walk but perhaps a bit energetic for early in the morning as it is very steep. Today we went up […]

Nov 23rd, 2014

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Come rain, come shine

We really do have the most erratic weather here. Yesterday the weather forecast was saying it would be quite nice today, so R and I planned on a long walk. We got up early this morning and it was cloudy but not raining. While we were having our coffee it started raining hard and the […]

Nov 19th, 2014

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Vet Time

We’d been a bit worried about Tora and Schrodi not having had their vaccinations or checkups since last August, with the problem being that the nearest vets to Lochgoilhead are either Helensburgh or Dunoon. R and J will both tell you that the cats do not like long car journeys (well let’s face it, they […]

Nov 17th, 2014

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The Deeds of Schrodel

While I was thinking about the cats tonight, I suddenly remembered something amusing I wrote several years ago while I was still a corporate drone who dreaded every day at work. One day I really really didn’t feel like getting up, but Schrodi persuaded me – this was how. You can tell from the description […]

Nov 17th, 2014

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Busy, busy, busy

I just had a comment that I had not done a post recently. R and I have been super busy and this last weekend we both had to work. I really hate doing this as come the Monday afterwards I keep feeling it is Friday and the weekend is still to come. Unfortunately, being busy […]

Nov 12th, 2014

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Got my last birthday present for this year

I’m not sure whether a lady should be displaying her underwear on a public blog – but R bought me another present which didn’t turn up until very late for my birthday. It was so cool and funny I can’t resist putting a photo of it up here. At least it is not me wearing […]

Nov 4th, 2014

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Happy Birthday

To me – I won’t say how old I am – but you can work it out if I say that my first visit to Lochgoilhead was as a baby – and that would have been in 1967 🙂 We lived in Balloch then, and believe it or not I was so Scottish sounding that […]

Nov 3rd, 2014

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Snow this Morning

As a change from the rain – there was snow on Benn Beulah this morning. It looked very pretty in the winter sun. As we walked through this morning our resident heron took off from the pond – if he is the same one as last year he has grown quite a bit. I am […]

Nov 2nd, 2014

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In which Schrodi is helpful

I went to make some new curtains for R today. Schrodi was sound to the world on a chair, so I laid out the material to cut on the lounge floor. Literally one second later he was wide awake and on the material giving me all his assistance. Probably just as well I had him […]