Nice Walk around the Donich Circular this morning

Nov 24th, 2014

Nice Walk around the Donich Circular this morning

R and I get up early and always try to get a walk in before we start work. Today we went round the Donich Circular to look at the waterfalls – it is a great walk but perhaps a bit energetic for early in the morning as it is very steep. Today we went up the less steep way (relatively less steep!) and came back the other way (past Inveronich). The weather wasn’t bad and we had a good walk – but the way back down was very slippy and not for the faint hearted.

The waterfalls are quite an impressive sight – they always remind me of the bit in Lord of the Rings where Golum is fishing in the pool and gets caught by Faramir… They also look like a good place to see an otter – though I haven’t as yet

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