Snow this Morning

Nov 3rd, 2014

Snow this Morning

As a change from the rain – there was snow on Benn Beulah this morning. It looked very pretty in the winter sun.

As we walked through this morning our resident heron took off from the pond – if he is the same one as last year he has grown quite a bit. I am also pleased to say that in spite of the best efforts of the Jay Team, the little birds are back at the feeders in force. We also saw our marten last night for the first time in a few weeks – he turned up about 8pm and was having a major snack on the badgers’ nuts before they had arrived.

It is my birthday tomorrow and R and I are off to Avimore for the day tomorrow – V bought us a ‘Zookeeper for a day’ experience last year so we are really looking forward to that (pictures to follow). The only drawback is that we are having to get up at 4am because we can’t leave the cats alone overnight – let’s hope we have a better traffic experience than we did on Saturday!!

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