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Oct 28th, 2014

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In which we are cut off….

For a time today, Lochgoilhead was completely cut off. First there was a major landslide on A83 at the Rest and be Thankful. Then the A82 got blocked too, and finally the road to Dunoon flooded. So for a while – the only way out would have been by boat. We are feeling quite smug […]

Oct 27th, 2014

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Rain, rain, rain…..

It has now rained without fail every day for the last week. Yesterday was particularly wet – it more or less poured down for the whole day. I’m reminded of the fact that this time last year it started raining two days after we moved in, and basically didn’t stop until March. I’m really hoping […]

Oct 23rd, 2014

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A year in Argyll

Today was worthy of two blog entries because R and I have been in Lochgoilhead a year today. What an eventful year it has been as well – I feel as though we have been here much longer. So on the whole, most things have turned out better than we expected, but (as ever in […]

Oct 23rd, 2014

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The night is dark and full of Badgers….

With apologies to Game of Thrones (my all time favourite show) for the parody quote…. Every night I go out between 8 and 9pm to feed the wildlife. Basically I put two big scoops of peanuts on the ground for the badgers, and one scoop on the bird table for the pine marten. The badgers […]

Oct 21st, 2014

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Hurricane Lochgoilhead

This afternoon we have been hit by the hurricane – I don’t remember it being this windy in the last twenty years – not even last year’s storms at their worst. Trying to work on a test this afternoon and we had three separate power cuts – luckily not at the point where it interrupted […]

Oct 3rd, 2014

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Vote for Bob

This is the RSPB’s campaign to get government to pay some attention to wildlife and eco issues. I’ve voted for him and hope everyone who reads this will go to and cast their vote so that the score will be at over 100000 before he goes to Westminster with the petition on 15th October. […]

Sep 28th, 2014

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Home again, home again

Had a great holiday but nice to be back home. I’ve put the description of what we did day by day up on the site now – but a big thank you to V for the wildlife photos. They all look really great but Schrodi says his favourite is the one of the short tailed […]

Sep 20th, 2014

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Off on our travels…

R and I are off on holiday this week – hopefully with a bit more leisure than on our last trip away where our conference holiday in Cambridge seemed to turn into a lot more conference than holiday. This time we are going to the Aigas Field Centre near Inverness for a week. There will […]

Sep 17th, 2014

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Deep in the Forest…

Something is stirring…. Since yesterday I have been hearing some odd noises coming from the woods. At first I thought it was cows bellowing – but it suddenly occurred to me that this is starting to come in to the Red deer rutting season. I looked up what noises they make here – and […]

Sep 11th, 2014

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Late Evening Walk

Tonight R and I walked up the Donich Circular to the Waterfalls. It was a wonderful evening for it, clear and lovely. When we got up on to the hillside at the other side of the falls, the sun has just set and the sky was stippled with golden clouds, while the hills and loch […]