Busy, busy, busy

Nov 17th, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

I just had a comment that I had not done a post recently. R and I have been super busy and this last weekend we both had to work. I really hate doing this as come the Monday afterwards I keep feeling it is Friday and the weekend is still to come.

Unfortunately, being busy has also coincided with some of the most beautiful weather we have ever seen here. Autumn, winter and (to a lesser extent) spring were terribly wet last year, and although the summer was surpassingly lovely, we did have the midgies to content with. But over the last few days we have had the sort of autumn weather you could kill for, crisp, clear and perfect weather for walking. It was pretty sad yesterday to only have an hour’s walk and then have to get back to work.

I did get a few nice pictures though – a couple from home in the morning and then some as the sun was setting. The loch was beautiful when we had our walk at lunchtime, but unfortunately the sun was shining right towards us so not good for photography.

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