Come rain, come shine

Nov 23rd, 2014

Come rain, come shine

We really do have the most erratic weather here. Yesterday the weather forecast was saying it would be quite nice today, so R and I planned on a long walk. We got up early this morning and it was cloudy but not raining. While we were having our coffee it started raining hard and the ‘Weather Benn’ had disappeared into the clouds. We checked our weather apps on our various devices and not one of them was recording that it was actually tipping it down at that very moment, and most of them had it set fair for the day. Ten minutes later the rain had passed and it was bright sunshine again, then in another short space of time it was pouring with rain.

At this point we realized it was a ‘Goil Day’ and gave up on our idea of walking right round our big loop behind the holiday camp to Pole Farm. The next burst of sun we had, we walked along the lochside as far as the beach at Inverlounin house. The amusing thing was that after that, the weather held as sunny for more or less the whole day, which was what the weather forecasts had said, but which wasn’t what we had seen in the morning.

So long and the short we didn’t get our long walk, but we did get some lovely photos of Lochgoilhead. Things are certainly looking up from how they were last year, where after we moved in we more or less were housebound by the weather for several months.

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