Christmas is coming

Nov 26th, 2014

Christmas is coming

Christmas seems to have crept up on us a bit this year – probably because work has been so busy.

I’ve now managed to get most of my presents, though as usual I am struggling with getting something for R. He denies he is a difficult person to buy for – but the trouble with him is that he only really likes tech, and he likes it so much that everything he wants he buys for himself. I will have to think of something though…

I got something nice through in the post today – a super munchies hamper of all vegan food. V (R’s sister) has become a vegan and I was a bit concerned that she would be left out because a lot of the Christmas food will have milk or butter in it. So I bought this hamper of nice things so she has something to graze on – and I must say it looks pretty mouth-watering…

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