Vet Time

Nov 19th, 2014

Vet Time

We’d been a bit worried about Tora and Schrodi not having had their vaccinations or checkups since last August, with the problem being that the nearest vets to Lochgoilhead are either Helensburgh or Dunoon. R and J will both tell you that the cats do not like long car journeys (well let’s face it, they don’t like the car at all).

To digress slightly, my Mum and J were both deeply traumatized when we moved to Livingston ten years ago, and I left them to ‘box’ the cats and bring them over to the new house while I got the place ready at the other end. This did not work out well as I had suggested that the two cats would like to share one box for companionship on the way. They tried to implement this, and every time they got the first cat in the box and tried to add the second one, the first one would escape. This went on until my Mum stood on Tora’s paw and all hell broke loose. I’ll draw a curtain over the rest of the scene, but suffice it to say that when they finally turned up I have never seen two individuals (the humans that is) more in need of a stiff drink than they were. Anyway, on the move to Lochgoilhead J ended up saddled with box supervision again (my Mum flat refused and I am surprised J didn’t as well) while R drove the car. The poor cats had been dragged in from the garden and stuffed into the boxes with no warning, and poor Schrodi was clearly desperate for a poo. He made his displeasure clear by yowling all the way from Livingston to here, with the added problem that there were major traffic works on the road and it took three hours to get here. The moment he came in through the door he visited the litter tray and perfumed the whole house with an enormous stench. After which he was fine.

Which is all to say that the cats do not like cars or boxes and we don’t like the trauma of inflicting them on them. And therefore why we didn’t take them for their jabs and check up this year. However R discovered last week that Bute and Cowal vets in Dunoon will do house visits, so we set up an appointment for today. We were visited by a very nice vet who gave them their injections and a check up. They were fine apart from their teeth have a bit of tartar on them – so unfortunately they need to visit the vet anyway to get them cleaned and polished. But at least we didn’t have to make the journey twice.

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