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Apr 12th, 2017

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A Goily, Goily Day

R and I have a term for the typical weather in this area, which is “Goily”.  On a goily day the wind sweeps over Beinn Bheula from the west, and brings waves of cloud, rain and sunshine alternately with it.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but yesterday we must have had at least ten […]

Mar 1st, 2017

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The best and the worst

Sunday here was absolutely dire of course as my brother and sister in law were visiting.  We toiled up to the waterfalls but it was pretty dismal in driving rain and with pretty high winds.  V took a few jars of frog spawn away to “seed” their new wildlife pond. Then of course Monday was […]

Feb 12th, 2017

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A bitter wind

It seemed a nice morning today and R and I set off early to climb Cnoc Coinnich. Although the MWis (mountain weather forecast service) said it was going to be windy – there was zero sign of it at loch level – in fact it was very pleasant and spring like. About two thirds of […]

Jan 11th, 2017

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A Bit Silly

The Donich Circular path I walk most days goes up through some fields and comes to a farmer’s gate before the path leads into the woods. Until recently, access past the gate was by a rather decrepit stile to the left of the path. This route forms part of the Cowal way – and recently […]

Dec 7th, 2016

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A Change in the Weather

R has been waiting for his new (and expensive) “Mavic” drone to turn up for months now. Unfortunately it can’t be flown in the rain, and I did point out to him that when it finally turned up this would inevitably herald a change in the weather from beautifully cold and clear, to typical Argyll […]

Feb 13th, 2016

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Fate does not seem to favour us

The weather has been lovely (for the time of year) over the last few days and I was really looking forward to having my visitors over from Glasgow today. With the insouciance of fate, when we got up this morning it was struggling to snow at loch level, and looking at the cameras on the […]

Jan 1st, 2016

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Stormy Weather

I am down in Dumfries and Galloway visiting my parents for New Year. Yesterday was an ‘interesting’ journey to say the least. First of all the Rest and be Thankful was closed by a landslide (again – so much for the expensive nets they have put there to try to catch these), so R had […]

Oct 25th, 2015

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Back to normal

The weather over the last few weeks has been so sensational that it has been hard to believe that it isn’t always crisp and clear in Argyll in autumn. But the most recent days have reminded me that October in Lochgoilhead tends to be a soggy affair, with the skies leaden, and the clouds rarely […]

May 4th, 2015

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Lochgoilhead Weather Page

A while ago R and I bought a Netatmo weather station. At the moment we have three modules – an indoors one (temperature, humidity, noise level, CO2), an outdoors one (Current temperature, max temperature in last day, min temperature in last day, humidity) and a rain gauge (rain in last hour, rain in last 24 […]

Apr 28th, 2015

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Back to Winter

It needs to be seen to be believed, but on 28th April we are back to winter here in Lochgoilhead. On Sunday R and I had yet another go at Beinn Bheula only to give up before really getting on to the mountain proper because the weather had turned into a foul combination of rain, […]