Back to normal

Oct 25th, 2015

Back to normal

The weather over the last few weeks has been so sensational that it has been hard to believe that it isn’t always crisp and clear in Argyll in autumn. But the most recent days have reminded me that October in Lochgoilhead tends to be a soggy affair, with the skies leaden, and the clouds rarely clearing over Beinn Bheula.

That in its turn reminds me that we moved in here two years ago this week. Our first full day was beautiful weather, but R had to go to Edinburgh for a pre-arranged meeting, and I was left to tussle with the cats, who seemed to think that if they made it down to Lochgoilhead village they would find their old house there. I had to collect Tora from the village on my own and escort him home past a whole troop of scouts on the track outside our house.

Then the next day R was back and it poured with rain that day, and the next and the next. In fact it hardly stopped raining until March the following year.

So it will be interesting to see what our third winter here turns out like. We haven’t had a really cold snowy one as yet, but the forecast is looking a bit like it, so we shall see.

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