Back to Winter

Apr 28th, 2015

Back to Winter

It needs to be seen to be believed, but on 28th April we are back to winter here in Lochgoilhead.

On Sunday R and I had yet another go at Beinn Bheula only to give up before really getting on to the mountain proper because the weather had turned into a foul combination of rain, sleet and hail (I wonder if the Eskimos have a word for this particular variant of nasty?).

Yesterday it was quiet cold with a further scattering of snow on the mountains, and then this morning the hills are white again – my estimate would be snow above about 100m (although it must be pretty localized because the traffic cameras on the Rest are showing the road clear).

Interestingly – although the weather is a lot colder than last year – when I compare the photos from then with now, the vegetation does not seem to be that far behind where it was at this time last April

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