A Bit Silly

Jan 11th, 2017

A Bit Silly

The Donich Circular path I walk most days goes up through some fields and comes to a farmer’s gate before the path leads into the woods. Until recently, access past the gate was by a rather decrepit stile to the left of the path. This route forms part of the Cowal way – and recently they seem to have come into some money for new signs, poles etc.

So very kindly they have replaced our stile for us – unfortunately instead of just putting a replacement stile to the left of the path where it is dry, they have decided to put a swanky new gate in. Unfortunately, they’ve put it to the right of the path, in an area which in anything but the driest of weather is basically a stream. And they’ve removed the original stile so now you either have to hop over a fence or get your feet wet.

There really are some idiots in this world.

R and I just walked along the lochside rather than going up the mountain today as the weather was surpassingly foul. All day, waves of rain and sleet have been battering on the house, driven by gale force winds – so much that last night I couldn’t sleep because it sounded as though the roof was going to come off. Eventually we went for a walk during a ‘nice’ spell after lunch. We nearly made it home without getting wet – and then five minutes from home, the sleet hit us and only being clad from head to toe in waterproofs saved us from getting soaked.

Tonight when I went out to put nuts out for the creatures the wind had dropped and it was cold with some stars overhead. Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to get snow.

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