Lochgoilhead Weather Page

May 4th, 2015

Lochgoilhead Weather Page

A while ago R and I bought a Netatmo weather station. At the moment we have three modules – an indoors one (temperature, humidity, noise level, CO2), an outdoors one (Current temperature, max temperature in last day, min temperature in last day, humidity) and a rain gauge (rain in last hour, rain in last 24 hours). I didn’t think anyone would be interested in the weather inside our house – but I’ve made the other two available over the Internet on a new “Lochgoilhead Weather page”.

I’m not sure where BBC etc. actually take their readings from in this area – but my page has the advantage of being right here in Lochgoilhead so it should reflect the current weather. With regard to the future weather – in Argyll, who knows anyway; I could take my best guess based on what I see incoming from the West and nine times out of ten I would be as accurate as the professional forecasts anyway.

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