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Jan 24th, 2017

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Two Hearts

I saw this stone when I was out walking on my own the other day. It is nearly as good a heart shape as the famous one at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall which is supposed to be the heart of the giant which Jack killed. This one is the Cornish heart… And this is […]

Jan 22nd, 2017

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How do they know?

What I want to know is, when two cats are asleep in an office right at the end of a large house, how do they know within 30 seconds when a chicken breast has been put into the microwave? However it is, they use the same mysterious power to detect when clean sheets or (better) […]

Jan 18th, 2017

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Update on the baby Hedgehogs

Some time before Christmas I had the great fun of visiting some orphaned baby hedgehogs who had been taken in by a friend of my Mum’s who is a White Witch. Well today I got an update on them… Last year they were small and looking rather sad as they had had a series of […]

Jan 17th, 2017

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On a roll

I’m a massive fan of a certain form of three cornered brown roll they sell in Lidl. I’ve been buying them for years and only noticed the other day that they said “High Protein”. I investigated further and discovered that they actually are made from linseeds and only have 10g of carb per 120g roll. […]

Jan 14th, 2017

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Sheep Rescue

This morning R and I were doing our usual waterfall walk. It was our day to go to Glasgow so we had to go early so it was still dark – but clear and with a nearly full moon, so that it was light enough to be able to see where we were going. R […]

Jan 13th, 2017

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Snowy weather

We’ve had some quite extreme weather the last couple of days. Yesterday R and I went up the waterfalls in bright sunshine, and on the way down were hit by near whiteout conditions. The waterfalls looked pretty though, and there were some nice views of billowing cloudscapes. During the afternoon we had about 5cm of […]

Jan 11th, 2017

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A Bit Silly

The Donich Circular path I walk most days goes up through some fields and comes to a farmer’s gate before the path leads into the woods. Until recently, access past the gate was by a rather decrepit stile to the left of the path. This route forms part of the Cowal way – and recently […]

Jan 8th, 2017

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A Tail of Woe

I had a rather upsetting day on Friday. R was away at his conference in Dublin (in the car). Tora went out about 7am perfectly fine, and came back an hour later in a state of some distress. Specifically, his tail which is usually curly (it’s about the only way you can tell him from […]

Jan 8th, 2017

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Rather Disappointing Pie

Well we ate the pie that I had made as a reserve Christmas dinner in case we got a power cut on the day. It certainly looked magnificent surrounded by various different salads. However inside it was sadly very dry and crumbly to the extent that it started breaking up when I cut into it. […]

Jan 5th, 2017

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Moon over the Steeple

Beautiful weather yesterday and I took a couple of photos on my way back from my (solitary) walk. There was a thin crescent moon hanging over the Steeple. Then just as I was nearly back at the house I noticed the trails of two jets across the clear blue sky. Fantastic – but today it […]