A Tail of Woe

Jan 8th, 2017

A Tail of Woe

I had a rather upsetting day on Friday. R was away at his conference in Dublin (in the car). Tora went out about 7am perfectly fine, and came back an hour later in a state of some distress. Specifically, his tail which is usually curly (it’s about the only way you can tell him from his brother who has a straight tail) was hanging limply down as though it was broken. I made the mistake of picking him up to look at it, and he quite literally screamed in pain and then started growling at me.

With the vet all the way in Dunoon and no transport I was a bit stuck. But then thinking about it more rationally it was clear that his tail wasn’t actually broken because he could move it (and obviously feel it!), so there probably wouldn’t be anything the vet could do anyway. So I passed an unpleasant day with the poor soul unable to settle as he was obviously in pain.

Luckily, come Saturday the tail had started to curl again, and today (Sunday) it is almost back to normal. I can’t work out what had happened to him in such a short period of time – all I can think of is that he jumped out of a tree and bonked his back end.

All’s well that ends well but cats are such a worry. He is now sleeping on the heat pad he got last Christmas half on top of my network switch.

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