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Feb 10th, 2017

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I tried making bagels today to take to N’s tomorrow. Actually I made them for the first time the other day, but they didn’t turn out quite right (they taste ok but they are more like rolls than bagels and also I didn’t glaze them so they are not the right colour), so I gave […]

Feb 9th, 2017

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A Very Naughty Boy

R and I were having a coffee and a chat in the kitchen today when we heard an almighty crash from the other end of the house. We shot along to his office, passed by Schrodi streaking in the opposite direction. The sight we saw is in the photo. R has been collecting all the […]

Feb 8th, 2017

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Some Coos

Our friends the Hienlan Coos were out in strength this morning and in fact were pretty effectively blocking the path. They seem to have their calves at unusual times of the year (at least from my very limited farming knowledge – largely based on having read “The Children of Cherry Tree farm) – the top […]

Feb 6th, 2017

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Some old friends…

My Mum was clearing out her attic the other day and found some old friends of mine carefully wrapped up in a shoe box. These were Mrs Bun and Baby Bun, Mrs Ted and Baby Ted, and when I was a child, I played with them until they were nearly worn out. Even so, these […]

Feb 5th, 2017

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Bread Basket

Just for funsies I made a bread basket for the guys coming over yesterday. That is to say I made a basket out of bread, and then filled it with three different miniature rolls (oat, olive and pumpkin and cheese and onion). The basket was surprisingly easy to make – I made a basic white […]

Feb 2nd, 2017

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The trouble with LPG

Living out in the wilds as we do, our central heating and gas runs on LPG which lives in a tank in the garden and is periodically topped up by Calor when we start to get low. Eleven days ago we notified them that we were at 19% and needed a refill. Three phone calls […]

Jan 31st, 2017

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Snow on the Steeple

The hill just between Lochgoilhead and Cnoc Coinnich is called “The Steeple” although it is not very high at 378m (it’s a nice little climb with good views but a bit muddy and pathless). I was told by a local once (well I am a local now – but I mean a long time local) […]

Jan 27th, 2017

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Me and my Fitbit

I got two new badges for lifetime achievements the other day. I prefer the lifetime achievement ones because they are on-going – the trouble with the one for steps in a day is that having got the award for 55K steps (26 miles) it is a bit hard to go any further than that. And […]

Jan 27th, 2017

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Nice walk today – but is spring on its way?

It was bitterly cold but sunny today, and as I wasn’t testing, I took myself off for a walk on my own. I went up round the back of Drimsynie and up on to the circular walk, then at the top of the hill, crossed to the higher path. This winds through the hills with […]

Jan 25th, 2017

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Another Silly looking Gate

I found another stupid gate to go with the one on the Cowal Way which had been put in the middle of a stream. This one is even better – it’s at the entrance to the top dam at the new Hydro near Ben Donich and it is a substantial gate, capable I am sure […]