Rather Disappointing Pie

Jan 8th, 2017

Rather Disappointing Pie

Well we ate the pie that I had made as a reserve Christmas dinner in case we got a power cut on the day.

It certainly looked magnificent surrounded by various different salads.

However inside it was sadly very dry and crumbly to the extent that it started breaking up when I cut into it.

I’ve two theories for why this might be; firstly I had frozen it and it may be that this didn’t agree with it. Secondly, the sage and onion stuffing I used was some special rather dry stuff that I had made for my Dad and brother who are not keen on butter. So it may be that if I had added some extra fat to it, it would have bound together better. So J ended up with a food parcel of nearly half of it to take home. R apparently liked the pie but of course won’t touch salad, so all in all not a big success.


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