Snowy weather

Jan 13th, 2017

Snowy weather

We’ve had some quite extreme weather the last couple of days. Yesterday R and I went up the waterfalls in bright sunshine, and on the way down were hit by near whiteout conditions. The waterfalls looked pretty though, and there were some nice views of billowing cloudscapes.

During the afternoon we had about 5cm of snow, blowing in in waves off Bheula.

It all stopped about 6pm and R and I took the decision to clear the drive (all 72m of it) before the snow got compacted by cars and turned to ice. Being pretty fit now we made short work of it between the two of us, ably assisted by the cats. This morning we were glad we had because overnight it had frozen solid, and the bits we had missed had turned to sheet ice. I even had to put salt on the steps this morning as they were slick with ice too.

Today (when I was working) was of course a beautiful day, and we took the opportunity to have a short walk at lunch time. We’re off to Glasgow tomorrow and of course the forecast for Sunday which is the only day we are both free is for rain.

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