In which we are cut off….

Oct 28th, 2014

In which we are cut off….

For a time today, Lochgoilhead was completely cut off. First there was a major landslide on A83 at the Rest and be Thankful. Then the A82 got blocked too, and finally the road to Dunoon flooded. So for a while – the only way out would have been by boat. We are feeling quite smug anyway because after our major visit to Costco at the weekend, we have enough provisions for about a month.

First thing this morning, R and I went for our usual walk and found that there had been a landslip on the Inverlounin Road. There was earth and stones everywhere and basically a stream running down the middle of it. A fire engine had already arrived and people were starting to dig it out. Really awful for anyone with a house at the other side because they wouldn’t be able to get their car out. Mind you, with the roads out of the village closed there would be no where to go anyway….

This afternoon the weather cleared up and Schrodi and I went for a walk down to the bottom of the garden. While he was climbing trees and scent marking, I noticed that the river had actually been right over its banks in our garden and had flattened a load of vegetation. When I say ‘our garden’ by the way – I am not talking about near the house which is right up on a rise, but perhaps about 100m away at the other side of a wood. But regardless – this must have been the highest the river has been since we arrived, and I will take back what I said yesterday about it being in spate. Yesterday was not in spate – today was in spate, and you can see the difference in the video I’ve posted here.

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