Deep in the Forest…

Sep 17th, 2014

Deep in the Forest…

Something is stirring….

Since yesterday I have been hearing some odd noises coming from the woods. At first I thought it was cows bellowing – but it suddenly occurred to me that this is starting to come in to the Red deer rutting season.

I looked up what noises they make here – and sure enough – that is what I have been hearing.

R suggested going out in the garden with that playing and seeing whether another stag turns up to challenge ‘our’ one but I think that would be a bit cruel. The only stag we have actually seen was right up at the end of the peninsula (from a boat) – have never seen one on our land although we have seen plenty of does and fawns.

R doesn’t really like the deer because they pass ticks on to the cats who then bring them into the house. I like to see them though and it makes me sad that people would want to pay to stalk and kill them. I understand that their numbers need to be controlled but there is a difference between doing something because it has to be done (like killing to eat) and taking pleasure in shooting a magnificent animal and then displaying its skull and antlers in your house.

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