Off on our travels…

Sep 20th, 2014

Off on our travels…

R and I are off on holiday this week – hopefully with a bit more leisure than on our last trip away where our conference holiday in Cambridge seemed to turn into a lot more conference than holiday.

This time we are going to the Aigas Field Centre near Inverness for a week. There will be lots of opportunity to see wildlife – but key from my point of view will be to learn more from the rangers there, so we can better appreciate and identify what we have locally. I’m completely self-taught about natural history from books I have read and delvings on the Internet, so will be great to hear more about (for example), how to identify tracks and scat, how to best view wildlife without scaring it off etc. I also hope we will get to see some of the things we don’t have here – golden eagles and beaver come to mind.

Having said all this – we booked the holiday just after we moved here and before we knew what a gem we had on the Donich, so I hope this will not be too much taking coals to Newcastle.

Anyway – I will get photos and try to post them up while we are away but I have a feeling that Internet access is going to be very limited. I think it is satellite and (from bitter experience) this can be quite slow even on our connection – so goodness knows what it will be like with about 20 people trying to attach to it.

So a nice image of Loch Goil attached to this post as I don’t have one of Aigas yet….


  1. Jill September 20, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Hope you enjoy Aigas. I saw a TV programme about it a few years ago and it looked fantastic. Hope you get some good pictures

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