Hurricane Lochgoilhead

Oct 21st, 2014

Hurricane Lochgoilhead

This afternoon we have been hit by the hurricane – I don’t remember it being this windy in the last twenty years – not even last year’s storms at their worst.

Trying to work on a test this afternoon and we had three separate power cuts – luckily not at the point where it interrupted anything that couldn’t be resumed. So I have the gas camping stove, a box of candles and a torch sitting ready on the table, plus during one of the periods this afternoon when it wasn’t out – I cooked us up a pan of couscous which we can eat cold if needed. I also charged up all three of my tablets. So we are ready for anything….

We were going to go shopping this evening but I don’t fancy the roads – particularly as a caravan has turned over on the Rest and Be Thankful. I’m also concerned about the greenhouse taking even more damage and losing its roof altogether.

Outside the weather is passing over us in waves, one moment bright sunshine with clouds scudding by – the next lashing with rain. I’d been going to take a picture of the Donich which is in torrent – but Tora insisted on coming with me and when we got near the gates the wind spooked him and he ran 20 feet straight up a tree. He came down ok though – but here is a picture of the storm clouds and our nearly bare tree instead.

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