A Very Naughty Boy

Feb 9th, 2017

A Very Naughty Boy

R and I were having a coffee and a chat in the kitchen today when we heard an almighty crash from the other end of the house. We shot along to his office, passed by Schrodi streaking in the opposite direction. The sight we saw is in the photo. R has been collecting all the different boxes his malt whisky came in – and over the years he has acquired about thirty of these, which were neatly displayed on top of his calyx. Also on the calyx were two boxes of the assorted “stuff” people keep for no particularly good reason; one of the room beacons for the Vive, and a crystal glass decanter (wedding present) half full of whisky.

Schrodi has had it in mind to get up there for some time now, but we have always managed to stop him in the past. But he had bided his time until no one was looking and then made the big jump. Unfortunately this collapsed the whole edifice, scattering the whisky boxes (thank goodness it wasn’t the empty bottles he had been collecting) and everything else all over the floor and knocking over the decanter.

Luckily nothing was broken and the decanter only spilled a couple of inches of cheap blended whisky. R is now under orders to get rid of the boxes and secure the Vive controller to the wall properly.

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