Me and my Fitbit

Jan 27th, 2017

Me and my Fitbit

I got two new badges for lifetime achievements the other day. I prefer the lifetime achievement ones because they are on-going – the trouble with the one for steps in a day is that having got the award for 55K steps (26 miles) it is a bit hard to go any further than that. And for the weight loss ones you have to dynamically lose the weight – there is no award for keeping it off if you didn’t need to lose it in the first place.

Anyway – since a year past October I have walked more than 2500 miles and climbed the equivalent of 28,000 flights of stairs.

Put like that it sounds a lot and I suppose it is – but I saw the benefit the other day when I was helping my friend J clear out some junk from his flat. He lives in a tenement flat up 61 stairs, but I was able to run up and down them more than 10 times carrying various monitors, TVs and old computers (J is the original packrat) without really breaking sweat. It is hard to believe how overweight and out of condition I was before we moved to Argyll.

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