Good day for Solar

Mar 31st, 2024

Good day for Solar

This is what yesterday – 30th March looked like. Basically it was sunny all day.

We made 50.2 KW, used 30.8 and sold 19.2 back to the grid. At the average rate of sale via Octopus that is £2.88 (in practice, because of the flexible tariff we are on and the presence of the battery we make rather more than that). The actual amount of electricity we consumed would also have cost us £7.35 – for a total of £10.23.

To compare March to June – in June we can make twice as much on a good day (our record last year was 99.2 on June 2nd – we would have topped 100 apart from the week of 21st being overcast!). Our consumption was also much lower, so comparable figures would be £4.85 saved and £12 sold to the grid – £16.85 in total.

How this compares from a ROI perspective considering our investment in the panels versus putting the money into a savings account, of course depends on the interest rate at the time. Regardless, the solar is more fun – particularly when everyone else’s power is off.