Stranger in the night

Mar 24th, 2024

Stranger in the night

About 2am today there was an almighty cat yowling noise from the hall, plus a banging like something falling over. We thought it was Lucky having a spat with the ladies, but it went on and got louder, so R shot out of bed to investigate. I am a bit slower because I can’t walk well in bare feet, so by the time I had put my shoes on, I had missed all the action.

Lucky had actually nothing to do with the noise. A completely strange cat had come in through the cat flap in the kitchen. After investigating the tumble dryer, it wandered all the way through the house, through the bedroom where R lay slumbering, and into the store room where the cat toilet is. Bear in mind that it is at least 50m through the house from front to back! In the store, the intruder encountered both girls, who took violent exception to its presence.

They chased the cat right out of the house, working beautifully together as a team. I couldn’t get much of a shot of the intruder in the camera, but R saw it and said it was fluffy and cream coloured. I had to censor the videos, because one of them showed R in a state of undress chasing the cats down the hall.

I hope the strange cat has learned its lesson and won’t come back here again. It better not be Lucky advertising to all his female friends that we are open house here.