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Jan 14th, 2016

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Very beautiful day today

This morning R and I left for our walk just as it was getting light. The snow was thick over the mountains and there was a single star (venus perhaps?) hanging just over Beinn Bheula. R took a photo, but it didn’t come out well unfortunately. But later, I took several of the sun coming […]

Nov 29th, 2015

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First snow at the house today

There’s been snow on the mountains for weeks now, but today for the first time we had some at loch level, albeit rather slushy and unpleasant snow. R and I walked up to the side of Beinn Donich and looked at the Stone of the Britons through the driving snow. It is strange to think […]

Nov 13th, 2015

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Snow Today

Hard to believe it, but after the mild weather over the last few weeks, today the winter has finally arrived. Beinn Bheula in the photo is white with snow.

Mar 24th, 2015

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Sprinkling of Snow overnight

It had been supposed to snow overnight, but although according to our weather station it got down to 1C – we have had no snow at loch level; there is a sprinkling of snow on Beinn Bheula. This may be the last of the year if the dates from 2014 are anything to go by […]

Mar 4th, 2015

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Badger in the Snow

It’s been a while since I put a wildlife video up – so here is one from last night. We had heavy snow yesterday (it was off and on nearly all day) – in total we must have had nearly 10cm. That may not sound much, but I can assure you that by the time […]

Mar 3rd, 2015

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Lochgoilhead in the Snow

Although I am kind of hoping that spring will arrive properly shortly, the village and surrounds are certainly looking very pretty in the snow.

Feb 22nd, 2015

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Back to Winter

R and I went to Fort William today. We looked at the forecasts this morning; R uses the BBC and I use the MSN weather app on my phone. They both have their good days and their bad ones, though in common with all weather forecasts they seem to get things wrong with monotonous regularity. […]

Feb 1st, 2015

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Good walk this morning

R and I did the Tom a Chuilg walk today. It was interesting to see that although the snow has mostly gone at ‘Loch Level’, as soon as you walk up out of the valley it is still pretty thick on the ground. Once we got up on to the foothills around Beinn Donich and […]

Jan 29th, 2015

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Fun in the Snow

More heavy snow overnight. Early this morning R and I cleared the drive which was quite a major task as there was about five inches on it and it is over 70m long and on quite a steep slope. We do know from previous bitter experience though that if we let it build up at […]

Jan 13th, 2015

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Snow Scape

It has been snowing off and on all day today. The hills look quite spectacular but it has been exceedingly cold. This afternoon I walked over to the shop at the holiday camp and got some good photos, including one of a species of duck I haven’t seen before. We also saw a sheep in […]