Fun in the Snow

Jan 29th, 2015

Fun in the Snow

More heavy snow overnight. Early this morning R and I cleared the drive which was quite a major task as there was about five inches on it and it is over 70m long and on quite a steep slope. We do know from previous bitter experience though that if we let it build up at all, we will end up in a situation where it gets compressed and turns to ice. Not being able to get the car out would be way more an issue here than back in suburbia (in 2010 in Livingston we didn’t get the car out of the drive for six weeks). While we were working the cats ‘helped’ by jumping in and out of snow drifts and climbing up trees. There is something about snow and people being out in the garden which turns them back to kittens again.

So late this afternoon I walked down to the back of the garden to look at the river and the cats accompanied me. The snow was so deep that they were jumping along with it almost up to the top of their legs – still they seemed to enjoy it. Then I got my sledge out and had a go down the side of the drive at the front of the house. This was great fun so I went and got R and he had a go too. He was not that keen because a few years ago he went over a stone on a sledge and hurt his back but he seemed to cope ok this time – though he blanket refused to let me put a picture of his attempt on this site.

The cats watched with interest but Schrodi was not too impressed when I tried to send him on his own sledge ride – he jumped out within one second of starting off downhill.

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