Sprinkling of Snow overnight

Mar 24th, 2015

Sprinkling of Snow overnight

It had been supposed to snow overnight, but although according to our weather station it got down to 1C – we have had no snow at loch level; there is a sprinkling of snow on Beinn Bheula. This may be the last of the year if the dates from 2014 are anything to go by – though it will be interesting to see if this is later as well.

Someone told me recently that you can tell from Lochgoilhead if there will be snow on the Rest because if there is snow on the Steeple, there is snow on the Rest as well (I would have thought the web cams ups there would be an equally good indicator these days).

So quite pretty this morning although cold, and there are two woodpeckers fiercely trying to drum each other out of contention for a mate in the woods outside our house.

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