First snow at the house today

Nov 29th, 2015

First snow at the house today

There’s been snow on the mountains for weeks now, but today for the first time we had some at loch level, albeit rather slushy and unpleasant snow.

R and I walked up to the side of Beinn Donich and looked at the Stone of the Britons through the driving snow. It is strange to think of all the things that stone has seen in the thousands of year it has been sitting there for, and even stranger to think that it will probably still be there when humanity has departed for good.

Anyway – it was not a particularly pleasant walk with the combination of slush and wind, and in spite of the fact that we were wrapped up from head to foot in waterproofs, it was good to get in and drink some coffee.

The cats do not like this weather – they have spent most of this afternoon chasing each other up and down the hall like kittens in an attempt to work off excess energy.

The picture is of the stile near the Donich Waterfalls – about an inch of wet snow on it.

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