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Nov 26th, 2016

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Christmas Jumper

Last year my Mum and I bought Christmas Jumpers. Mine was red and I wore it on Christmas Eve. My Mum’s was blue and (as is her wont) she bought it, didn’t like it on and didn’t wear it. So I inherited it and wore it several times last year until I put it away […]

Oct 26th, 2016

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Baby Hedgehogs

I’m down visiting my parents at the moment and had a lovely experience today. One of my mum’s friends has rescued five baby hedgehogs. She found them wandering in her garden in the daytime, disoriented and half-starved with no sign of their mother (who was probably killed on the road). They were immediately taken in […]

Oct 7th, 2016

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A Good Night for Wildlife

We’ve been missing seeing our resident badgers over the summer – they have been visiting – but for some reason only in the small hours of the morning. All of a sudden now autumn is here they are back at 9pm. R had the bright idea of moving our light pole into the kitchen – […]

Sep 15th, 2016

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Mouse on Mouse

I mentioned that Schrodi has suddenly developed a liking for bringing in field mice. Well unlike his usual short-tailed voles they are the proverbial bugger to catch (they almost seem to be able to teleport from one side of the room to another just when you think you have them cornered). The other day he […]

Aug 1st, 2016

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Cat out of the Bag

Actually Cats into the Bag… We have been having to fetch one of our two snow Bengals, Tora, back from the village at regular intervals (we think he has a lady friend down there). Most of the time we take the car because it is a pain trying to walk him back to the house […]

Jul 7th, 2016

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What a naughty pair of Cats…

Schrodi (as I think I have said before) is a pretty standard fuzzball sort of cat, and the only way in which he is really naughty, is in his predilection for bringing in small prey items. This week he has had a selection of mice, shrews, birds and (his favourite) short tailed voles, and he […]

Jun 19th, 2016

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Mr Shoogles, Peter Pipecat and the first Strawberry

My Mum bought me a present of a wobbly cat back from the Chelsea Flower show. She got one herself which is called “Mr Wobbles”, so I decided to call mine “Mr Shoogles”. He is very cute and will sit on the bookcase in my office. Pictured with him is another gift from my mum […]

Apr 19th, 2016

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He gets what exercise he can…

By sleeping on the ottoman.. For anyone who doesn’t recognize the quote – is is from AA Milne… A bear, however hard he tries, Grows tubby without exercise. Our Teddy Bear is short and fat, Which is not to be wondered at; He gets what exercise he can By falling off the ottoman, But generally […]

Apr 11th, 2016

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Cat on a Hot Shed Roof

Schrodi decided to use me as a ladder to climb on to the shed roof. He then spent five minutes polying around before wanting a lift down in case he hurt his paws on the nasty sharp gravel.

Apr 8th, 2016

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Happy Birthday Lads!

The cats are fourteen today. It seems just like yesterday that we brought them home from Preston to Edinburgh. The breeder kindly gave them their worming tablet before we set off, and then when we got to Carlisle the M74 was closed and we had to detour via A7. It took ages, the tablet kicked […]