Baby Hedgehogs

Oct 26th, 2016

Baby Hedgehogs

I’m down visiting my parents at the moment and had a lovely experience today. One of my mum’s friends has rescued five baby hedgehogs. She found them wandering in her garden in the daytime, disoriented and half-starved with no sign of their mother (who was probably killed on the road). They were immediately taken in and looked after – with the intention of returning them to the wild as soon as they are big enough to fend for themselves. As they are only around 200g and need to be 650g to survive a Scottish winter, this will not be for some time.
Anyway, she was kind enough to let me come round to see them today and I held one for the first time. They have had mites and were treated for it – so at the moment they are not furry underneath, and one of them has lost most of its prickles – but they will grow back. They are so sweet munching away at their mealworms (apparently they are addicts).





I was also introduced to three nice cats (one of which is a huge Maine Coon) and was shown the house and garden – including the summerhouse which has been turned into a sort of nature shrine (the hedgehog lady is a practicing white witch).

I really enjoyed myself – I’d love to be able to foster creatures like the baby hedgehogs myself, but unfortunately I can’t see Tora and Schrodi getting on well with them.

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