Cat out of the Bag

Aug 1st, 2016

Cat out of the Bag

Actually Cats into the Bag… We have been having to fetch one of our two snow Bengals, Tora, back from the village at regular intervals (we think he has a lady friend down there). Most of the time we take the car because it is a pain trying to walk him back to the house as he a) walks slowly b) wants to investigate every tree c) is very skitty if he sees a dog or another human. This is alright provided we are both available with the car, but if R is away with it on his own, or if we are both away and our friend J is looking after them, it is not so good as he is very difficult to carry for any distance (he struggles, kicks and has even been known to bite).

So we bought something to assist J – it is a cat backpack which Tora can be loaded in to. It has a zip which secures the top, is made from claw proof fabric (hopefully) and has mesh panels so that the inhabitant can see out.

Neither of the two boys was impressed when we tried it out on them in the house. We have yet to try bringing Tora back home in it, although today may be the day as he has gone down there yet again. The photo at the top is of Schrodi looking unimpressed. The one below is of both of them investigating the strange new object…


It remains to be seen how much J will enjoy trying to get Tora into the bag…

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