Mr Shoogles, Peter Pipecat and the first Strawberry

Jun 19th, 2016

Mr Shoogles, Peter Pipecat and the first Strawberry

My Mum bought me a present of a wobbly cat back from the Chelsea Flower show. She got one herself which is called “Mr Wobbles”, so I decided to call mine “Mr Shoogles”. He is very cute and will sit on the bookcase in my office.

Pictured with him is another gift from my mum who is a little cat made from pompoms, and what we used to call ‘pipe cleaners’. I’m not sure what the younger generation will call them now that pipe smoking is about extinct, but they were very useful for making all sorts of things of the ‘Blue Peter here’s one I prepared earlier variety’. So I have named him “Peter Pipecat”.

The other object in the picture has nothing to do with cats or presents but is the first cultivated strawberry out of the garden. It could have done with one more day to ripen, but the last time I took that approach a squirrel ate it just before I got the chance to pick it. So I consumed it today and very nice it was too. Next up the cherries and blackcurrants.

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