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Mar 19th, 2017

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Another good one

Definitely the best time of the year for wildlife.  This little roe stag visited the webcam area around tea time and made a meal of part of one of our bushes (a very prickly one but they don’t seem to mind the thorns).  You can see the velvet on his lovely new antlers Click on […]

May 24th, 2016

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Badger on new Webcam

We have a new webcam with better resolution.  Unfortunately this means that we are having difficulty getting it to activate for the wildlife – and at the moment we are largely getting photos of the cats on their nocturnal wanderings. But yesterday we got a nice shot of a badger – unusually this time it […]

May 11th, 2015

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Another house with visitors

A number of people locally have commented on how lucky R and I are to have all the wildlife in the garden. I actually think that it is not so much that we are lucky – as that most people in Lochgoilhead don’t know about the wildlife they have themselves because they are not seeing […]

May 24th, 2014

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Amazing Otter shots

I was just idling flicking through the ‘shedcam’ videos yesterday when I saw something really interesting. While we must quite literally have been sitting in the kitchen having our breakfast, a large otter suddenly shot across the camera’s field of vision and disappeared through the fence. I was super glad to see it again because […]

May 18th, 2014

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Now and in colour…

I’ve been hoping that with the ever shortening hours of darkness, we would be able to get some daylight video of our pine marten. We caught him having his nut snack early yesterday morning, and then to our surprise, my brother glimpsed him shooting past the patio windows at six in the evening the same […]

Feb 19th, 2014

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The heron we saw the other day seems to be making a pitch for our pond (or minature loch).  There are several small islands in the middle, and it is visiting one of them for an hour or two every morning.  When it sees us coming it flies off and returns to stalking down the ditch […]

Nov 5th, 2013

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We have…. Badgers. Or one badger at least. We bated the camera trap with a load of peanuts and sure enough at about 9:30pm (must have been just after we turned the kitchen lights out) he came through the fence and had a good snuffle about. When he saw that the nuts were in the […]

Nov 3rd, 2013

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Life is full of….

Disappointments. The camera worked brilliantly – we could see little voles running about getting a few of the nuts, the wind moving the trees etc. All until about 1:30am when the picture mysteriously cut out. Two hours later it started recording again, but by then the cages had been torn out of the ground, the […]

Nov 2nd, 2013

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So following on from the mysterious disappearing suet ball, we have decided to fit a couple of Webcams. One of them we will attach to our potting shed which is right next to the bird feeding area, and the other will go on the side of the summerhouse which is right next to the pond […]