Another house with visitors

May 11th, 2015

Another house with visitors

A number of people locally have commented on how lucky R and I are to have all the wildlife in the garden. I actually think that it is not so much that we are lucky – as that most people in Lochgoilhead don’t know about the wildlife they have themselves because they are not seeing it as it only appears intermittently and/or at night.

For example, I have seen badgers here on hundreds of occasions, but never in the daytime. Whilst I have actually been outside to physically see them from time to time – without the webcam I would never have realized how often they are actually around. With the Marten I have seen it from the window a couple of times, but would never have know it was there in the first place if it hadn’t been on the camera logs.

So this leads me on to a real life example. One of our friends was telling me that a food bin in his shed was regularly being ‘raided’ by some creature. He suspected the identity of the criminal but didn’t know for sure… So we lent him a motion detection camera, and sure enough a few days later it captured evidence that the thief was in fact a pine marten.

So I’d encourage anyone who is interested in wildlife to set up a webcam in a likely spot in their garden and see if they capture anything. Of course we are particularly fortunate here in Lochgoilhead, but even in urban areas you never know what you could see….

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