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Jan 31st, 2017

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Snow on the Steeple

The hill just between Lochgoilhead and Cnoc Coinnich is called “The Steeple” although it is not very high at 378m (it’s a nice little climb with good views but a bit muddy and pathless). I was told by a local once (well I am a local now – but I mean a long time local) […]

Jan 5th, 2017

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Moon over the Steeple

Beautiful weather yesterday and I took a couple of photos on my way back from my (solitary) walk. There was a thin crescent moon hanging over the Steeple. Then just as I was nearly back at the house I noticed the trails of two jets across the clear blue sky. Fantastic – but today it […]

Jul 1st, 2016

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Up the Steeple

It was a nice night last night so I nipped up the Steeple after work. This is our local ‘small hill’ though in a lot of places it would be a major tourist attraction at 378m. It has really great views of the village, the loch, and the surrounding hills (including a particularly good vista […]

Mar 11th, 2016

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Two Walk Day

The weather yesterday was so lovely that I went for two walks (R only came for one of them). In the morning it was clear and bitterly cold – our pond was frozen over. We went on the upper path – there are no heiland coos there yet but I hope Billy and his harem […]

Apr 16th, 2015

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Steeple Walk

R was working today and I wasn’t, so I went up the Steeple on my own. Traditionally in Lochgoilhead there is a running race up this hill every September, but although I am pretty fit I don’t think I will be trying for this as it is extremely steep. The walk itself takes about 2 […]

Mar 17th, 2014

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Climbing the Steeple

I’d had it in mind to climb Benn Donich on Sunday – it seems ridiculous that we have lived here for nearly six months and haven’t managed to get up ‘our’ mountain (well it is at the back of our house). But when we got up in the morning, it was a typical Goil day […]