Steeple Walk

Apr 16th, 2015

Steeple Walk

R was working today and I wasn’t, so I went up the Steeple on my own. Traditionally in Lochgoilhead there is a running race up this hill every September, but although I am pretty fit I don’t think I will be trying for this as it is extremely steep.

The walk itself takes about 2 hours (at a not particularly brisk pace) and is not that enjoyable as an actual walk as from about half way up there is no proper path and it is very muddy and slippy. The views on the way up and from the top are spectacular though; you start to see the whole village appear with the Loch laid out in front of it like a mirror and the boats like toys you could pick up. Then the loch view opens up towards Loch Long and the sea, with the enormous bulk of Beinn Donich behind you, and Beinn Bheula still capped in snow to your right. From the top you can see all the way over Argyll’s bowling green out toward Corran Lochan and the end of the peninsular. The other way you can see Lochgoilhead (and both pubs). Fantastic.

Today (Thursday), I saw two other walkers, several sheep, a buzzard and an interesting furry caterpillar. Not exactly packed out.

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