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Mar 27th, 2016

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Eggcellent Fun

This morning we had an egg painting competition. The eggs were some beautiful brown ones from my Mum’s friend’s hens. They are free to scratch around outside, and have lovely views to look at which must make for contented hens and quality eggs. I am afraid that R is not a very talented artist. His […]

Mar 26th, 2016

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Ducks and Buns

I did a double take walking past a delicatessen window in Castle Douglas today – it was full of very lively ducklings. A passing spaniel also didn’t believe what he was seeing and had a good bark at them. They didn’t seem very phased however, and went on with what they were doing, which was […]

Mar 24th, 2016

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R and I are off to Dumfries and Galloway to see my parents over Easter. I love baking but I am constantly trying to be healthy and not to put weight on, so I am not so fond of eating the results (or rather I am but I would rather not), so I always bake […]

Apr 5th, 2015

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Lovely Easter

We had a great Easter at my parents’ with lovely weather. I made my Dad a birthday cake (a sort of Simnel cake decorated with real crystallized primroses from our garden here) and my Mum an Easter egg basket. The eggs were raw ones – I inserted the point of a sharp knife in the […]