Eggcellent Fun

Mar 27th, 2016

Eggcellent Fun

This morning we had an egg painting competition. The eggs were some beautiful brown ones from my Mum’s friend’s hens. They are free to scratch around outside, and have lovely views to look at which must make for contented hens and quality eggs.

I am afraid that R is not a very talented artist. His effort is the one with the Beanie and googlie eyes on the left of the picture. He says it is either one of the characters from South Park, or a Flump.


My mother is a talented artist, and her egg was most definitely unusual. It went through a couple of incarnations as a snow scape and a bloodstained bandage before acquiring a comb, legs and a beak and becoming a cockerel. It also acquired a butterfly and some flowers, so it is a 1960s groovy chick. In case you couldn’t guess, it is the one on the right.

Mine is the bunny rabbit with the cotton wool tail and giant carrot.



I had myself down as the winner before I suddenly decided to concede victory before I was eaten by the final contestant. Here is great Cthulhu himself as made by my brother N, complete with tentacles which look suspiciously as though they might have come off a certain mohair rug belonging to my father.


Actually they were all great – here they are together.

Many thanks to my parents for a lovely weekend. I just realized I left you all the hot cross buns I made yesterday.

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