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Jun 21st, 2016

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R’s Official Birthday

R’s birthday is 29th December. As you can imagine, this is not the best date to have your birthday. The weather is always awful, everyone is away, and the idea of having yet another set of rich food and drink between Christmas and New Year is not appealing. Last year I wanted to take him […]

Apr 27th, 2016

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Happy Birthday Mum

I  made my Mum a special meal for her birthday today.  We had brown shimps with bread and butter, a seafood ‘melange’ (monkfish and assorted seafood in a tomato sauce topped with cheese), and a rather nice (even if I say so myself) chocolate and raspberry cake.   Back to home and the healthy regime […]

Dec 29th, 2014

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Happy Birthday R

It is R’s birthday today. I won’t say which one – but as we have been together for twenty years come 2015 it would be fair to say that he may now be considered middle aged. There also may be a clue in the picture of the bottle of wine which I bought for him […]

Nov 9th, 2014

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More Birthday Fun

I suppose I was quite lucky that my birthday was on a Tuesday this year because it meant that I got to have a second go at it on Saturday. N and R came over and we had a little bonfire night party with birthday fireworks supplied by N and materials for the fire supplied […]

Nov 4th, 2014

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Happy Birthday

To me – I won’t say how old I am – but you can work it out if I say that my first visit to Lochgoilhead was as a baby – and that would have been in 1967 🙂 We lived in Balloch then, and believe it or not I was so Scottish sounding that […]

Apr 9th, 2014

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High Tea

I tried an experiment for my Dad’s (84th) birthday and made a traditional Scottish ‘High Tea’. For non-natives – this is a sort of combination between afternoon tea and dinner. You have a simple but filling cooked dish, followed by a variety of baked things (largely of the sweet variety). It is eaten about 6pm […]