High Tea

Apr 9th, 2014

High Tea

I tried an experiment for my Dad’s (84th) birthday and made a traditional Scottish ‘High Tea’. For non-natives – this is a sort of combination between afternoon tea and dinner. You have a simple but filling cooked dish, followed by a variety of baked things (largely of the sweet variety). It is eaten about 6pm instead of (you couldn’t do as well as!) tea and dinner.

So I cooked…

For my Dad and R – fresh haddock shallow fried in (homemade) breadcrumbs with chips (made from scratch and deep fried) and peas.
From my Mum and I – salmon (it had to be the red tinned stuff) salad (bits of it from the early garden crops).
All with homemade bread and butter.

Then we had a mound of griddle scones, still warm from the pan and served wrapped in a tea towel.
Rhubarb pie (some from the garden but not enough to fill a pie yet) with cream.
Eccles cakes, strawberry cream sponge cakes, jam tarts, chocolate éclairs.
Simnel cake.


This should have all been washed down with tea. But as it was a birthday and R doesn’t like tea – we had some champagne instead.

Not food for every day but for a treat it was very nice even if I say so myself.

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