More Birthday Fun

Nov 9th, 2014

More Birthday Fun

I suppose I was quite lucky that my birthday was on a Tuesday this year because it meant that I got to have a second go at it on Saturday.

N and R came over and we had a little bonfire night party with birthday fireworks supplied by N and materials for the fire supplied by everyone who has left us with a lot of packaging material in the last year. I made barbeque food (steaks, sausages, burgers for R, corn on the cob, mushrooms etc) but I cooked it inside. The original idea was that we would then eat it outside, but as it was drizzling with rain by that point we just ate it at the table. Washed down with champagne it tasted pretty good.

I also got my presents from my Mum and Dad – a nice T-Shirt, a music box, an onyx polar bear and (best thing) a beautiful little porcelain clock with swans on it from my Dad. It is one of those intricate, fascinating things I could spend hours looking at. So I can’t think where to put it – part of me says ‘place of honour on the mantelpiece’ and another part of me says ‘shut it in the china cabinet before the cats get it’.

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