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May 11th, 2015

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Another house with visitors

A number of people locally have commented on how lucky R and I are to have all the wildlife in the garden. I actually think that it is not so much that we are lucky – as that most people in Lochgoilhead don’t know about the wildlife they have themselves because they are not seeing […]

Apr 9th, 2015

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Brief Encounter (pine marten and badger)

Some time ago I posted about an encounter between a badger and one of our cats. Basically the badger completely ignored the cat and continued eating his peanuts. Well this is obviously symptomatic of badgers’ general attitude to life as shown in this video, where the pine marten is disturbed whilst eating and runs off, […]

Mar 17th, 2015

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Lots of wildlife activity overnight

Spring is definitely the very best time of year for the webcams. Last night we had major activity from our two (or more – two is the most we have seen together at one time) badgers, who visited the area around the fence more than ten times between midnight and 5am. We were also visited […]

Mar 11th, 2015

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A close encounter of the Striped Kind

I went out to put nuts out for the wildlife tonight and surprised a visiting badger who had arrived early and was stuffing down some sunflower seeds left by the birds this afternoon. He (or she) wasn’t very scared and we stared at each other for a minute or so before he snuffled off through […]

Mar 4th, 2015

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Badger in the Snow

It’s been a while since I put a wildlife video up – so here is one from last night. We had heavy snow yesterday (it was off and on nearly all day) – in total we must have had nearly 10cm. That may not sound much, but I can assure you that by the time […]

Nov 12th, 2014

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Got my last birthday present for this year

I’m not sure whether a lady should be displaying her underwear on a public blog – but R bought me another present which didn’t turn up until very late for my birthday. It was so cool and funny I can’t resist putting a photo of it up here. At least it is not me wearing […]

Oct 23rd, 2014

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The night is dark and full of Badgers….

With apologies to Game of Thrones (my all time favourite show) for the parody quote…. Every night I go out between 8 and 9pm to feed the wildlife. Basically I put two big scoops of peanuts on the ground for the badgers, and one scoop on the bird table for the pine marten. The badgers […]

Jun 1st, 2014

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Cat meets Badger part 2

We caught an amusing moment on Shedcam the other night. One of our two snow Bengals, Tora made a spirited attempt at driving off a badger. Luckily for him, the badger seems completely indifferent to his efforts and just ignores him and trundles on to get stuck into his peanuts. Tora has been a bit […]

May 1st, 2014

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Cat meets Badger

I caught this little encounter (click image above for video) on the webcam from last night. Obviously the badger is not phased out by its meeting with Schrodi, and Schrodi (whilst clearly not thrilled) is not terrified either.

Mar 22nd, 2014

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Badger Thrill

Last night I had just put the nuts out for the wildlife when I happened to look out of the window. There was one of our badgers munching away. Luckily R’s sister who is an excellent photographer (her photo included below) was here – so we very quietly went outside to see if we could […]