Lots of wildlife activity overnight

Mar 17th, 2015

Lots of wildlife activity overnight

Spring is definitely the very best time of year for the webcams. Last night we had major activity from our two (or more – two is the most we have seen together at one time) badgers, who visited the area around the fence more than ten times between midnight and 5am.

We were also visited by our resident pine marten, unusually, twice in one night, and more unusually, he stayed for about twenty minutes feeding off the bird feeder. I don’t know if this is significant, but the marten that visited around 1am jumped on to the bird table, looked for nuts there and then left without checking the feeder. Around 5:30 – another marten turned up and then spent ages getting the nuts from the feeder itself. I wonder if it is possible that we have two martens in the area? Possibly a male and a female – though I would have thought the breeding season would be over by now….

Anyway – very nice to see although I think that due to extensive heron activity we are not going to see much frog spawn in the pond this year.

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