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Sep 1st, 2015

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Blue Skies

This was the view out of the front door about 7:15am when R and I were setting off for our walk. It was quite cold though (no more than 6C) – so very fitting for R’s theory that 1st Sept is the first day of autumn. Soon the boats will be coming off the Loch […]

Aug 15th, 2015

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Autumn on its way

This weekend is the last one of the Scottish school summer holidays, and last year we saw everything become much quieter locally after this point. Particularly the road into the village (single track) tends to become much less busy as we move into September. I don’t want to be accused of being nasty to our […]

Nov 17th, 2014

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Busy, busy, busy

I just had a comment that I had not done a post recently. R and I have been super busy and this last weekend we both had to work. I really hate doing this as come the Monday afterwards I keep feeling it is Friday and the weekend is still to come. Unfortunately, being busy […]

Aug 19th, 2014

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Summer coming to an end here

Well it is feeling a bit autumnal here for all we are still in August. A few leaves are coming off the trees, the brambles are nearly ripe and the polytunnel and greenhouse are nearly empty after the last month of glut. This evening R mowed the lawn (which doesn’t seem to be taking the […]